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Building Meaningful Relationships Through Deskside Meetings

As PR becomes increasingly reliant on emails and cold calls, deskside tours can be a powerful tool to build lasting relationships with media contacts, introduce a new product or educate editors on a brand. These one-on-one meetings are typically scheduled in advance and last somewhere between 15 and 45 minutes. During this time, you have the opportunity to showcase your brand and share sneak peeks of upcoming releases or products . Contrary to the name, you may not actually meet at the editor’s desk. It is essential to be nimble as you could end up in a coffeeshop, lobby, conference room or any other convenient spot the editor’s schedule permits.

The appointment grants you precious one-on-one time with the media contacts of interest, allowing you to leave a lasting impression on behalf of your brand for consideration in future editorial stories. Ideally, your pitch will give the editor or journalist content for an upcoming publication. Desksides provides you the opportunity to build more personal relationships, which can be mutually beneficial long after the meeting ends. Bringing your brand’s latest fall smoothie or a pair of shoes from a line not yet released is the best way to get on their good side!

Deskside tours can be conducted wherever there is a high concentration of your priority media, and the location should align with your brand’s goals. If you’re targeting consumer lifestyle magazines on a national level, New York City is the ideal destination to connect with the majority of publishing houses. If your brand is more interested in local media, consider deskside appointments with prominent contacts in your city. For brands expanding into a new market, you should meet with all major media you’d like to build a relationship with in that specific region. 

Deskside appointments are an effective and intentional way to reach the media you care about most during a specific campaign. Budgets and results can vary based on factors such as your industry, newsworthiness of your release or product and the timeliness of your visit. All of these factors should be considered by your PR team when determining whether or not desksides are a fit for your business goals.