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Empowering Accountability

It’s Feb. 1, so by now 90% of people have given up on their New Year’s resolutions. We’re downing Girl Scout cookies, going back to Thursday night Happy Hours and giving up on any attempt at a gym routine. That’s why I’m not a fan of resolutions. I believe that focusing on personal and professional development and always striving towards better versions of ourselves leads to better results. At TruePoint, we align on an overarching theme every year to guide our business and enrich our company culture. We’ve found that establishing a theme as an agency is more attainable than broad, individual resolutions that can hold a potential weight for failure.

In 2019, our team is committed to Empowering Accountability.

What does this mean to us? It’s a choice, a mindset, an expression of working with integrity — one of our core values. A well-developed sense of self accountability leads us to be honest and committed to the things we say and do. At TruePoint, we understand that we are responsible for our attitudes, actions, reactions, teamwork, communication and relationships. We have hard conversations when needed using respect, empathy and a collective desire to propel each other, our clients and the business forward. We will continue to hold ourselves and each other accountable to meeting our commitments, delivering fresh ideas and generating meaningful WOW results.

“On good teams, coaches hold players accountable. On great teams, players hold players accountable.”  – Joe Dumars, Detroit Pistons    

Strong players hold each other accountable and appreciate when their team members do the same for them. We hope our agency’s 2019 theme inspires you and your team to hold each other accountable. Finish those cookies, and go to that Happy Hour to connect with friends. Don’t feel bad about it, but get to the gym in the morning. Make time for family. Be accountable to what is important to you.