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Accepting Foot Faults in Your Business

Our founder, Jessica Nunez, shares insights about scaling organizations in this article written for the Entrepreneurs' Organization. 

One of my favorite insights about scaling up organizations comes from Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn.

As a guest host on Reid’s podcast, Masters of Scale, Tim Ferriss highlights his "10 Commandments of Startup Success", and shares an excerpt from "Ten Thousand Hours with Reid Hoffman", written by Ben Casnocha, Reid’s former chief of staff. Ben writes, “If you move quickly, there’ll be mistakes borne of haste. If you’re a manager and care seriously about speed, you’ll need to tell your people you’re willing to accept the tradeoffs. Reid did this with me. We agreed I was going to make judgment calls on a range of issues on his behalf without checking with him. He told me, ‘In order to move fast, I expect you’ll make some foot faults. I’m okay with an error rate of 10 to 20%—times when I would have made a different decision in a given situation—if it means you can move fast.’”

In this bonus episode of Masters of Scale, Tim explains that foot fault is an expression from tennis. It occurs when the player serves and their foot goes over the line. They are considered errors.

Reid had empowered his team by allowing a percentage of qualified errors in exchange for speed and growth.

I’ll take what he’s having, please.

Read the full article written by Jessica Nunez, here.

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