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How Employees’ Careless Social Media Use Can Put Your Brand at Risk

Jessica Nunez, founder and president of TruePoint Communications, was quoted recently in an online Entrepreneur Magazine article, emphasizing the importance of maintaining professionalism on social media. The article titled, “Learning From Kevin Hart's Social Media Mistakes” discusses Hart’s resignation as host of the Academy Awards as a result of offensive tweets that resurfaced.

“Your reputation lives online, and how you engage in social media communities can sabotage your career,” Nunez said. “If an organization’s leader or employee goes on social media spewing hate, it can negatively impact the company for employing these folks, especially when they are leaders.”

Although social media has become an integral part of today’s society, those who use it don’t realize the impact of their online footprint. Whether a post is taken out of context or surfaces from 10 years ago, the repercussions can be devastating. These are important considerations when conducting oneself online, as it directly impacts how employers perceive judgment and integrity.

The article offers the following three tips for demonstrating professional conduct on social media:

  • Stay away from arguments online. Not only can emotions escalate and cause inappropriate responses, but it is also unlikely this type of discourse will change anyone’s mind on the topic.
  • Wait before posting, unless the situation is urgent. Again, this can help reduce emotional responses that often cause careless language.
  • Consider the “Sunday paper test.” Before posting, think of the implications if the message was displayed as front-page news for friends, family and neighbors to see.

Social media can be an extraordinary useful tool, in both personal and professional situations, but consider these rules before hitting send. 

Read the full article written by Robert Glazer for Entrepreneur, here.