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The Influence and Trends of Digital Media Amidst COVID-19

A major crisis, especially one like we’re in now, will completely shift your business and marketing strategies. In digital media, the most agile pivots happen when we can move quickly pausing tactics, engaging the public with relevant content, and anticipating how audiences will respond going forward. It’s efficient, cost-effective, and timely. In the COVID-19 crisis, there are both short-term and long-term shifts. In the short term, we’re constantly pivoting based on the ever-evolving news and meeting our audiences where they are. The need to quickly pivot leaves many brands wondering not just how/where to engage, but most importantly, “what do we say?”  We’ve pulled together some tips to help guide our clients and community through the changes. 

  • The public wants to hear from brands in digital media, especially on social media. Publish content and engage with sensitivity. 
  • In times like these, be inspirational rather than promotional. Purpose-driven, educational and DIY content works best.  
  • For national brands, know that the situation varies by geography, so be cautious that your content is relevant across markets. 
  • According to Social Media Today, Twitter is the most-used platform for brands to talk about COVID-19 crisis.  
  • Twitter and Instagram remain the top platforms for brands to talk about COVID-19, and the importance of social distancing, health, and safety. 
  • There has been over 958.8K+ social media posts related to COVID-19 with 177K+ on Facebook, 344.5K+ on Instagram, and 432.8K+ on Twitter. 

We live in a time of transparency. Proactively acknowledging issues is a sign of honesty and is well-received by audiences. The public’s behavior and engagement towards brand content is critical in the creation and curation of future material.  

Moving forward, it’s easy to see the public has a high dependency on digital media to discover information, announcements, and most of all, trends. Brands have found digital marketing methods to be the greatest means of maintaining business while also building connectivity with their respected audiences amidst closures.  

If you want to learn more about how to evolve your digital marketing trends amidst COVID-19, reach out to our TruePoint team.