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What You Missed at RestCon 2019

What is the value of having a purpose-driven brand? TruePoint founder and president Jessica Nunez discussed this and more at RestCon 2019, the premier conference for restaurant leaders in marketing, finance, IT and operations. 

Hosted by Marketing Vitals, Jessica represented Team TruePoint in moderating a panel on Building a Brand with Purpose alongside Brian Schultz of Studio Movie Grill and Jeff Melnick of Boston Pizza. The panel focused on how companies can succeed while also promoting a higher sense of corporate social responsibility, highlighting TruePoint as a purpose-driven brand, followed by Brian and Jeff sharing lessons learned from challenges faced and achievements made along the road to building a brand with purpose.

 “Companies can no longer focus only on profit. We’re moving from profit to purpose,” said keynote speaker and consumer branding expert Martin Lindstrom. Lindstrom spoke about the importance of empathy and active listening, and how utilizing these tools can foster significant positive changes within a business.

Jessica also had the pleasure of introducing TruePoint client and Marketing Vitals CEO Rom Krupp, who provided insights on changing demographics, how technology can be used to adapt to these changes, and the future of the restaurant industry.