We’re passionate about partnering with our clients to generate meaningful results. Innovation and creativity is key to building effective strategies. Delivering them with confidence and persistence is what makes them work. We’re passionate about building awareness, positioning your message and creating excitement for your brand.

TruePoint is highly regarded for its strategic planning and commitment to generating successful results. Our strategic initiatives have resulted in higher sales, increased Web traffic, greater awareness and a more positive public perception for clients.

But don’t take our word for it... here’s what our clients have to say:

I am continuously amazed at how well you and the whole team do your job. You guys not only work hard but you get results. Thanks again!

Thank you for your engagement, energy and creativity. We are so fortunate to have such fantastic partners.

Thank you so much for a wonderful event. The fact that you all helped set up, helped seat guests and mingle AND had smiles on your faces means the absolute world to all of us!

Words can't express how grateful we are to all of you and we truly are so excited to be working with your team. Here's to the future!

Thank you Jessica for an incredible event. You are so gracious and talented. Please stay in touch.

Kathy Ireland

On Point

We’re proud of our work.  Here are a few examples of our team being on point.

Belk Galleria

Famous Footwear

Zoes Kitchen

Stream Realty


Cascade Ice

Public Relations

TruePoint Communications takes a holistic approach to PR by developing campaigns that focus on branding, publicity and e-PR. We use the term “e-PR” to describe our approach to comprehensive online campaigns that encompass web media outreach, blogging tours or partnerships and strategic social media initiatives.

TruePoint provides the following PR services:

  • Strategic PR Campaigns (Internal and External Audiences)
  • News Releases, Strategic Message Development, Mission Statements and Core PR Materials
  • National and Local Media Relations Campaigns
  • National and Local Publicity Events
  • New Brand or Product Launches
  • On-Camera Spokespeople for National/Local TV and Web Tours
  • Media Training
  • Celebrity Relations
  • Blogger Relations
  • Crisis Communications Counsel and Reactive Media Relations

Digital Marketing

TruePoint Communications is passionate about building brands digitally.  One of the most efficient and effective ways to reach your target audience is to connect with them online.  We build digital strategies that increase sales, improve customer service, enhance brand visibility and engage with brand advocates.

We provide the following digital marketing services:

  • Create Social Media Campaigns
  • Implement Social Media Strategies
  • Provide Corporate Social Media Training
  • Execute Social Media Advertising
  • Support Internal Digital Marketing Teams
  • Design, Develop and Write Website Copy
  • Enhance SEO and Online Reputation
  • Cultivate and Manage SEM Campaigns
  • Develop and Manage Custom E-mail Marketing Campaigns
  • Build, Write and Manage Blogs
  • Conduct Blogger Relations and Blogging Programs

Integrated Marketing Communications

Developing an effective marketing program means evaluating your strengths, knowing your audience and providing solutions. We believe that thoughtful planning and creative tactics are essential to generating exceptional results.

TruePoint provides the following Integrated Marketing Communications services:

    •  Provide Strategic Planning and Consultation
    •  Analyze Competitive Market Opportunities
    •  Build and Manage Brand Awareness
    •  Develop Relationship and E-mail Marketing Initiatives
    •  Write and Design Print Materials

Event Execution

Hosting an impactful event is a powerful way for brands to make a lasting impression.  We are passionate about integrating sneak peeks, grand opening celebrations, guerilla street teams and more into your marketing mix. 

We provide the following event services:

  • Create Customized Event Strategy to Position Brand Identity 
  • Identify Influencers to Attend, Write About Event and Share via Social Media 
  • Generate Pre- and Post-Event Publicity Through Top Tier Media Targets
  • Facilitate Logistical Execution With Event Vendors and Photography
  • Social Media Promotion During Event via Brand Channels

Blogger Network

TruePoint Communication’s Best of Bloggers program is a custom network of high-quality bloggers built through years of purposeful outreach and meaningful relationships. Through our network, brands can engage in authentic, active relationships with online influencers. Our Best of Bloggers program takes blogger relations to a new level, creating opportunities to build fully-integrated brand campaigns and online initiatives.

Opportunities to engage TruePoint’s Best of Bloggers network may include:

  • Unique brand immersion experiences
  • Sampling and providing feedback on products
  • Brand ambassador programs
  • Brand spokesperson opportunities
  • Influencer events such as Webcasts, Tweet Ups, in-store activities and other initiatives
  • Product posts and/or giveaways
  • Every opportunity is unique to each brand.

If you are a blogger interested in participating in this program, please email us.